The Pigeon Reflects

For the times they are a-changin’.

— Bob Dylan.

I am just one week away from completing my BA degree and then I am moving on to a Masters of Divinity. This last term has been the hardest to get through. The past two years have been a long stretch of constant, hurried homework. This last term was filled with math like I haven’t done in years and it taught me all the ridiculous and amazing things that I don’t know, and some, I will probably never use. I am relieved, excited and anxious to see the end. Most of all, I am tired and I am so ready to move on.

This blog has been in the planning since I started a discernment process and now that I am going to another chapter of my process, I want to journal my experiences. I have always kept journals and I used them to revisit certain times of the year and particular events. What is interesting is how I feel within a moment and then the moment passes and I find that with every experience of moments, I am changed.

The Pigeon Reflects is titled based on a photograph I took about 10 years ago in Lake Eola Park, Orlando, Florida. I remember the moment I took this picture. It was kind of strange how this pigeon was sitting by itself just looking out on the water. As I tip-toed closer to it, I realized it wasn’t stirring. I got pretty close to this pigeon and it did not move. I framed the shot and the landscape of colors within the rocks, water and the little green sprig of whatever was almost poetic. It seemed like this bird was reflecting on its life in the bird-world. This photo has been one that I have kept looking at over the years and remembering the stillness of that moment.

This blog anticipates to be metaphorically like the photograph.